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Jul 26, 2014


I know they all mean well but there’s so many opinions and I think I’m doing alright, not perfect but alright for where I’m at. So why shouldn’t I be able to go on a date?

Jul 25, 2014


OK tumblr ppl here’s my confession. I like men that are younger than me. I always have, I know I should date someone closer to my age but they all seem so serious and stressed out. Younger men are fun! They don’t worry so much. And even though I’m 28, I don’t worry so much.

That’s what I said to my ex
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That’s what I said to my ex

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send this to your crush. Just.. just do it

If I had a crush I’d send this

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and when you make the switch from

"why won’t they date me??"


"do i even want to date them??"

things get very clear

Thats where I am right now

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Jul 15, 2014


Faith is a strange thing but I believe in signs. I think this is a sign to move on.

Jul 13, 2014


I think when I get married more ex boyfriends are going to be upset because they can no longer Blame my commitment issues as a reason for us breaking up

Jul 9, 2014


I want to forgive you but I can’t forget the words. I can’t stop hearing you say I’m worthless and a bitch and a cunt. Your words hurt more than your fist

Needed this tonight
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Needed this tonight

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Facebook na We Heart It.

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Facebook na We Heart It.